TESO - TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS: We develop tailor-made solutions and realize tasks in difficult to reach locations


Rope access is the technique of choice for work locations that are difficult to reach by other means. Our experienced and highly skilled technicians undertake inspections, installation, maintenance work in high or deep areas, in confined spaces or with respiratory protection. Utilising drones or underwater robots allows us to inspect also those areas we cannot reach by rope access. We find the most effective solution for your special requirements.



  • safe and rapid solutions
  • excellent cost-performance ratio
  • flexible services, independent of height or location of the working area
  • no damages on the structure
  • minimal impact on other operations and the nearby area
  • wide range of specific services from one source


We are able to provide versatile custom services, even in the most challenging environment. We work closely together with engineers and experts from different trades in order to develop the best technical solutions for a wide range of projects for different business sectors.