UAV aviation

Sometimes we need to see things from a different angle – what about the birds perspective? Our drones are unmanned multi-engine aerial vehicle (UAV) systems with a loading capacity up to 6 kg. The drones can be operated over two remote controls- our qualified drone pilot controls the drone and the second person, even with no experience, can direct and adjust the camera to the position needed.

Our aim is that our clients are able to benefit from the advantages of a drone, without holding the technical certificates of a pilot or investing in a helicopter. The drone also is less weather dependent than a helicopter.

Application fields:

  • inspections of builings, roofs etc.
  • overview in case of landslides, rockfalls or similar
  • civil protection assistance
  • thermal imaging of buildings
  • transport of material, tools, ropes, surveying instruments up to 6 kg (lockout of transport hook in safety distance)

The images or video clips of the inspections can be followed live or saved on a digital device, which allows a quick examination of buildings and structures as well as image editing back in the office.